Uncle Murphy tried to do us dirty.

I knew it was going to be windy this afternoon, but normally we can get at least a few still morning hours even on a windy day. So we started putting up the plywood, but those few hours were filled with wind.

By being very careful and clamping or tying down everything that could be tied or clamped, we got the plywood up and VERY thoroughly screwed to the rafters. The incident also gave us much incentive for paying close attention to hurricane straps and such.

Anyway, the plywood is up but we did not push our luck by messing with the metal roofing even though we should have been able to wrap this up today. Tomorrow’s supposed to be less windy.

I have also scored two gallons of the same reddish-brown paint as graces the existing trim, so I have a lot of painting to do but the material needs are handled. The Secret Lair’s porch has a roof!

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11 Responses to Uncle Murphy tried to do us dirty.

  1. Looking great! You’re going to enjoy that porch!

  2. Robert says:

    Your place is gonna look downright civilized. Very nice.

  3. Kentucky says:

    No self-respecting front porch is complete without one of these . . .


    I know you don’t have close access to a Blue Store or an Orange Store but all I needed was a picture.


  4. Joel says:

    😀 No, I don’t think so. Too much wind sometimes, and anyway I’ve got a prosthesis that doesn’t appreciate being rocked. I just want a chair and a table. With the porch whipping into shape I may start looking for a nicer table.

  5. Kentucky says:

    I solved the wind problem a long time ago because it was, as you imply, a serious threat to adjacent windows. I bought the appropriate hardware that allowed me to simply attach the swing to the adjacent railing when not in use so the wind couldn’t blow it around. Couple of screw eyes, couple of snap hooks, and a couple of 4″ lengths of chain. Presto, swing mooring accomplished.

    However, I understand your leg situation. Nevermind! 😉

  6. Mike says:

    Very nice Joel, you are going to love it. Once the metal roof is done and the trim is painted, it will be time to relocate your BBQ. Let the good time begin…

  7. free.and.true says:

    Even more importantly, Torso Boy will likely love the porch too. ;~)

  8. mbumgua says:

    Very nice!! A great place to sit and relax with Torso Boy!

  9. terrapod says:

    hey! With that nice porch design you may end up with a whole flotilla of Phoebe nests 😉

  10. Joel says:

    Yeah, the thought has occurred to me. But I half-expect that this season’s bugs are going to have me thinking in terms of a screened porch before very long.

  11. Judy says:

    If you paint the underside of the porch roof sky blue it just about eliminates bugs. A friend learned to do this when she lived in the deep south and amazingly it works.

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