United Airlines finds a new way to drive customers away…

It’s so simple I don’t understand why they didn’t think of it before. Far cheaper and more direct than all that TSA harassment.

On Sunday, a United Airlines passenger was pulled from his plane seat and dragged off the aircraft — because the airline had overbooked the flight.

Several passengers captured the scene and the disturbing footage appears to show that the man was left bleeding from the mouth after his face was smashed against an arm rest during the scuffle.

Security are seen wrenching the man from his seat and then dragging him down the aisle and off the plane.

Nice. Hey, I’ll bet UAL common stock is a bargain today…Or wait. No, they took care of that pesky “stockholder” problem 14 years ago.

Leslie Nielsen was a prophet, it seems.

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3 Responses to United Airlines finds a new way to drive customers away…

  1. Robert says:

    Merely making him an example for the rest of the shee.. uh, highly valued customers.
    Don Corleone voice: “It’s just business”.

  2. John says:

    Ah, United. I spent a dozen years there as an avionics mechanic leaving in ’98 about three years into the five year ESOP that evaporated when the company filed bankruptcy, eating with it my $40k required “investment”. To management I belonged to the Union, which I never much cared for. I’d cut my teeth in very small manufacturing companies and twelve years as a gear in the machine was already to long.

    Hear me kids, I put to you that well before 9/11, there was a time flying commercial was actually fun. I’ll refrain now for it has become nasty to my eyes, but I’ll savor the early days of the DC8 and 747. Perhaps again one day?

  3. MJR says:

    One thing that can be expected from all this is a serious seat sale from United in the near future as they try to get customers back. As for the guy who was dragged off I suspect for him this is like winning a lottery…

    @ John, My wife used to work fore Sabre when it was part of AMR corp. We used to fly all over and you were right it was sure fun. After 9/11 all that came to a grinding halt. These days there are very few things I dislike more than going through airport security. As for flying American air carriers or going to the States, I don’t

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