Useful/fun care packages, and also announcing a new review series.

Look what Big Brother sent me…

Two tubs of this Augason Farms emergency storage food, promising 48 hours worth of food for four people – or eight days for one person?

We Shall See. Tomorrow morning the tub gets unsealed. I will suffer for my art but I won’t collect scars for it if I don’t have to, so I don’t promise to go the whole eight days if the contents are just inedibly horrible. But if they’re not, Uncle Joel is going on an eight-day diet consisting of nothing but that stuff. Starting tomorrow, since today got off to a very weird start and the weirdness hasn’t actually slacked off much yet. I’m having chicken issues this morning.

Here’s something that will prove very useful and possibly career-saving…

Generous Reader Terrapod sent eight of these adhesive traction strips for the boardwalk below the porch, which recently dumped me on my ass when it was wet and slippery. I stuck one to a stair tread just to see if the adhesive works better than that on my usual skateboard tape…

…and – perhaps unfortunately – it really does. Now I have to get it off somehow because I really wanted it on the boardwalk. Or maybe there’s enough for both, I guess we’ll see. With the skateboard tape I usually just use roofing nails because that adhesive doesn’t work well on weathered 2X4s.

Landlady found a terrific sale on pork at Costco, already sliced into porkchop-like bricks. So we’re officially in winter prep mode!

And also in bedroom-decorating mode, it seems. Last month Ian gave me all four in his set of “Secret Weapons of WWI” posters, and this month I forked over the money for two frames.


I always enjoy Care Package Day. There’s rarely any telling what’s coming out of those boxes in the back of Landlady’s car.

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9 Responses to Useful/fun care packages, and also announcing a new review series.

  1. William Conrad says:

    Those “slip strips” may be cut lengthwise to get more from them. I put some on some steps that were 1″ wide and they seem to work well. They are inside so that may make a difference.

  2. Claire says:

    Augason Farms foods are never, ever terrible. That’s the good news.

    But eight days in a row they could get pretty darned tiresome. Are we allowed to suggest supplementing them with other foods on hand, as you’d probably actually do in a short-term emergency? ‘Cause really you’d never eat only those foods eight days in a row unless you’d exhausted the rest of your supplies.

    Or is this a test to see if eight days really means eight days?

    In any case, another princely gift from BB and another great care-package day. I love those no-skid strips, too. I’ll probably just end up using leftover roofing material on my deck, but those are much nicer.

  3. Claire says:

    Or how about eating only the Augason Farms foods for two days and seeing if that uses up 1/4 of them? Or eating it one container and saving the other? Assuming your experiment is to determine how long they’ll last.

    Not my business, I suppose, but the idea of you eating ALL that good storage food at once instead of saving a portion of it for an emergency makes my brain itch.

  4. Joel says:

    Oh, I’m not going to open both tubs. One tub supposedly is 48 hours worth of food for four people, and I want to put that claim to the test. Probably the second tub will go into an emergency food stash, since another claim is a 30-year shelf life.

  5. Claire says:

    Oh good. Sorry, my brain’s always a little math challenged. That’ll be a fascinating experiment. Good luck and good blogging on that.

  6. Ben says:

    If you really do stick with that program for eight days you will lose weight, because according to the label there is only 11,000 calories in the box. Simple math says that you would be on a roughly 1,300 calorie diet. Isn’t a normal healthy adult is more like 2000 calories?

  7. Ben says:

    MRE’s have an amazingly variable range of calorie content, and that’s just for one meal so multiply by three for a daily ration:

    Naturally, the design for combat rations would be way different from survival rations.

  8. Joel says:

    I certainly hope combat rations have more calories than these do.

    If this works out as proposed I probably will drop a few pounds. I can spare them; my clothes have been shrinking.

  9. Zelda says:

    Your size increase is all muscle, remember, all muscle. You don’t want to lose that.

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