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Slowly and perhaps not very steadily, my shoulder is improving. I’ll be going along fine when out of the blue something extremely quotidian will happen followed by “OW! AH, [insert vile blasphemy of your choice] what did I do?” Ah, yes. Blasts of pain when you suddenly extend your arm without thinking yourself out of it. This is nature’s way of telling us we’re awake.

This morning I just stumbled during LB’s morning walkie, probably reached out for balance, and instant nauseating pain. Yesterday’s flash’o’pain happened while trying to fuel the Jeep with a jerry can, something I’d put off until I feared stranding. It worked, but owie. Probably it’s actually good, I don’t know, physical therapy would also hurt from time to time. Right? Anyway, from day to day my shoulder mobility actually is improving. Today I have to make bread, and I’ve been interested to know if I can find a way to knead bread.

The other thing I’m been monitoring with extreme care is the new Mifi hotspot. You might remember that I had to pretty much put all Internet activity on hold for the last week of last month, due to being about to exceed my (4 gig!) bandwidth limit. Precisely how this can be, when I had a 750 meg download (about 250 meg upload) limit with Wildblue and with a little care seldom exceeded it. I did nothing unusual last month and somehow managed to use four times as much? I’d love to hear the explanation for how that happened, but doubt I’ll ever get one.

Anyway, this month I’ve been more watchful and careful, and haven’t had any problem – may even finish out the month with a bit of a useless surplus. And in every other way, may I just take this opportunity to say “In your face, Wildblue.” Here’s this little square plastic Magic Elf Box, unattached to anything, that can do everything a satellite dish and modem can do, faster and more reliably, at a tiny fraction of the power usage. Of course I don’t dare leave it on anyway, but at least reconnection is rarely a problem and that actually came as a surprise because the cell coverage here is problematic even on a ridgetop and I’m down in a hollow. I really believed – I assumed – that I’d need a booster antenna but just don’t. I’ll bet this thing would really impress me if I took it to a town.

ALSO! Last weekend Commenter MJR sent me a whole bunch of movies and TV episodes (and he has guy-movie tastes. Thanks again, MJR) on the most impressive data storage medium I’ve seen yet. Dig this…

32 gigabytes on a disk so small the greatest danger is losing it. At a price so low it’s not worth the postage to send it back to him. Technology amazes me.

Anyway, nothing else is going on and I’m going to be resting my ouchie shoulder today and then making bread which will probably hurt it all over again. Later, maybe.

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8 Responses to Various updates

  1. Ben says:

    “Probably it’s actually good, I don’t know, physical therapy would also hurt from time to time. Right?” The term “no pain, no gain” must have been invented for physical therapy. So yes, PT can hurt. But the question is, (and I don’t know the answer) when are you supposed to stop babying it, and start challenging it to regain your strength and range of motion?

    I think right now you should still be in the “babying” stage and should still be using your sling, but if you did that forever your shoulder would eventually freeze up for good. So can anyone offer any informed advice?

  2. coloradohermit says:

    I’m glad to hear that there is progress on the road to healing. Maybe that little bitty disk is a hint that you should relax and take it easy for a bit watching some entertainment.

  3. Joel says:

    Oh, I’m doing that, CH. But chickens don’t feed and water themselves and while this dog would cheerfully walk himself no good has ever come of that. I guess I could have bought some bread at the store on Monday but truth is the thought didn’t occur to me.

  4. John says:

    I do appreciate my extremities. When I abuse one because my head is not well enough attentive, the body punishes me for that with all manner of pain variety. So far, no need of a physical therapy thing. I’ll treat them as undamaged to the extent pain limits allow. I need these body parts working to survive. I figure pain is a tolerable feedback system, and try to be humble as I do my penance. So far I have re-owned the parts all fully, and am most grateful.

    That some have forfeit one or more extremity and press ahead is more humbling still.

    Yeah to MJR, and Technology amazes me too. And it helps us with smarter, able, and more nimble, than inertia directed lumbering blobs.

  5. Dregan says:

    You should make a post with shows/movies you’d like to see. Some of us have… impressive… collections.

  6. M Ryan says:

    Hey Joel, I’m glad you are coming along, healing wise. Try do stretch before doing any serious work using that arm but use the arm or it will stop working. I know from first hand experience. As for the flicks, don’t binge watch them. I will collect more and send them your way in the spring.

  7. It is possible that whatever device you are using to attach to the MiFi did some updates because it sensed your better connection speed and sucked up all your data.

  8. Joel says:

    Yeah, maybe, I don’t know how all that works. But it’s not really any better this month. I’m just being more parsimonious.

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