Walkie snapshots…

Neighbor D had a health setback yesterday, which disrupted my plans to go to the biggish town about 35 miles away and shop for (groceries and) a holster for the Arex. Poor me, right? Having typed that first sentence I should probably go flagellate myself or something, but in truth Neighbor D’s health setbacks have been a constant of life here at the Gulch for over six months and so while yes I’m sad and weary over it the truth is that lowgrade sadness and weariness used to be fairly constant emotional states for me and you just sort of unthinkingly get on with life in spite of it. So give me a break. First-world problems are also problems, just not of first importance.

So since there’s nothing I can actually do about my friend’s deteriorating health, what I’m doing right now is coming down from the morning walkie on a beautiful Spring day with not a cloud in the sky, during which I really wished I’d brought a proper camera. If I were a philosopher-king I’d write a treatise or something and neatly sort it all out. But I’m just a gimpy old guy walking his dog at the beginning of a nice day, and that’s as neat as it gets around here.

Failing to entirely block the sun which just cleared the eastern hills.

180 degrees from the first pic.

At the start of the gully over the Secret Lair.

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3 Responses to Walkie snapshots…

  1. ka9vsz says:

    “lowgrade sadness and weariness” I thought that described life. Or at least mine the last decade.

    Purty landscape! A good thing to behold to uplift one’s spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the pictures, Joel. You do a great job with framing, something most people don’t seem to get.
    My house computer connected to the TV cycles through desktop wallpaper every one minute. Out of over 2200 wallpaper pictures, there’s 110 of yours. There’d be more, but out of respect for opsec there are no places or faces.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That first pic is a work of art, marred only by the dog butthole. I guess you’ve gotten used to that by now, just like cat owners have to.
    Good thing there’s no land kindiru, what?

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