Wall done!

Get it? Wall done? Huh HAH – I slay me.

Hey, I’m tired and punchy. Sue me.

Thanks so very much to W, who pitched in on the big stuff, every time another set of hands made the difference between a big job and a real ordeal.

D came over this morning, and we got all the lumber sorted out. He brought his generator over, and we brought ours down the slope. Sawhorses and worksites are laid out, extension cables are coiled, fuel is in place – we ready, boyo. S and D both have serious chops in the house-raising biz, and the rest of us are going to stand by attentively, do what they tell us, and place bets when they argue. Which they will. Three work crews: one for headers, one for frames, one guy with a chop saw just to cut lumber to size. Ten people have promised to show up; with any luck at all we’re gonna get this sucker framed and sheathed by the end of the weekend.

House-raising party at seven in the morning!

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