We have another name for Congress!

So appropriate, I don’t know why it’s not already famous.

…the National Parasite Collection, a 125-year-old hoard of bloodsucking, fluid-draining, flesh-eating, mind-controlling, and host-castrating creatures that all make a living by living off other animals.

Residing in DC, of course. You wouldn’t expect to find it in Utah, where people would just stomp and then scrape them off their boots.

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5 Responses to We have another name for Congress!

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Those may have been parasites once, but now they are all dead. The real parasites are alive and well in the halls of congress, the “white house” and all the other buildings of horror there. And all their spawn in similar buildings across the nation. Even in Utah.

    It’s scary, I tell you.

  2. Parasites is a good way to describe them. They’ve sucked enough of my blood over the last 45 years.

  3. Edward says:

    May years ago I came up with the following vignette for my children:


    Poly comes from the Greek word for “many”

    Ticks is what everyone knows, a small blood sucking insect that feeds off other animals.

    Hence we get “Politics” = a whole bunch of humans (as in too many) enter into government and become blood sucking vermin, destroying the labor and property of others.

    The kids thought it was funny, but I am here to tell you they never forget this lesson, especially when they read their first paycheck stub (and a helpful dad was there to show them what all the deductions represent).

    Try this from age 5 onward, it will pay dividends later in life..

  4. Joel says:

    Edward, I’d forgotten all about Polyticks! Else I’d have included it in the post. A wise and useful thing to teach your children, I completely agree.

  5. Judy says:

    The first paycheck is always a very useful tool. It helps the child to begin to understand why Mom-n-Pop have such a jaundiced view of Mordor on the Potomac or Sodom-n-Gomorrah at the state and local levels.

    I had forgotten about ‘polyticks’. I shall have to introduce my children to it. I want to continue supporting their development into staunch ‘deplorables.’

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