We were promised mid-forties and rain…

Instead it’s 32o and…

It’s not normally this cold on a January afternoon, though it wouldn’t be that unusual. And I, like an idiot, was thinking of taking up the mudboards just the other day. The older and wiser voices thought otherwise, so I’ll be able to go back and forth to the woodshed without too much squishing when it all goes to mud.

Makes me wonder what the next few days will bring. We’re forecast for sloppy weather through the weekend, and it has started with a very unSpringlike bang.

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One Response to We were promised mid-forties and rain…

  1. ka9vsz says:

    Weather is doing what weather does- whatever it wants. Our state had the warmest December/February/winter since recordkeeping started 130 years ago despite a week of zero temps. Then we hit 70! Then back to winter. Makes it hard to dress for the environment so I just wear a winter coat until I get funny looks.

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