Weather went wonky, cell signal went away.

Quite abruptly around 2 PM yesterday, just when the weather started to change.

Since September I’ve gotten all my internet access through the iPhone Landlady gave me (and pays the rent on, so don’t think I’m complaining.) It works perfectly well when it works, maybe a little slower than that Verizon hotspot but without the lying, dishonest, never to be sufficiently damned draconian bandwidth limit. But when it doesn’t work, it stops working right now. It’s prone to do that at a sudden change in the weather, which we got yesterday afternoon right on schedule. Wind roared, clouds rolled in, and that was all for what we laughingly call our cellular service out here in the boonies.

Overnight it cleared, stilled and got cold, and I was surprised to find on rising that the phone still didn’t work. Came back on line just now, for no apparent reason.

The forecast says this is a brief mild lull in the week-long streak of magical weather we’ve had – it’s supposed to be back tomorrow. This is the first morning in the past five or six I’ve even bothered with the wood stove. Mid-forties indoors when I woke, and it seemed quite shivery. Speaking of the stove…

You gotta get yourself one of these. This one of the latest care packages, which I believe I mentioned at the time. It’s an electric fan that somehow gets its power from heat radiating off the stove top and up the vanes of the fan, and it doesn’t take a lot of heat. Starts slowly rotating while the kindling is still burning, and by the time the iron is good and hot it’s spinning cheerfully – and silently – away. Spreads heat around the room noticeably well, seriously, it’s an immediate improvement. I saved the box, because it’ll be stored very carefully during the warm months.

Despite the beautiful weather I’m in Winter mode right now and don’t really have anything going on until I can replace that sewer pipe, which is already dug out and waiting. Yesterday when the Internet threw me to the curb I picked up this book Big Brother sent me…

I wasn’t aware Andy Weir had written a second novel – this was published last year – and looked forward to this because I really enjoyed The Martian. Started it late yesterday afternoon and finished this morning after chicken chores, so it’s not a ponderous tome. It’s a quick, light caper story based on the moon with okay characters – moves right along and kept my interest, and it has that light touch I enjoyed in Weir’s first one. Recommended, but don’t expect The Martian.

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8 Responses to Weather went wonky, cell signal went away.

  1. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but that cardboard box marked FireLiters seems a bit close to the stove?

  2. Paul says:

    with the iPhone in our area, I get better service in marginal areas when there’s heavy cloud cover … go figure.

    “searching” seems to kill my battery. I suspect it’s because the phone is constantly trying to find itself … something to be mindful of. In prolonged periods of no service I put it in airplane mode.

    Eventually though it does give up on trying to find service and no service appears. I suspect it then lengthens its time between searches. In those cases,when it’s been without service for awhile I toggle into and then out of airplane mode to see if it will reacquire the signal.

  3. Joel says:

    Maybe I’m being paranoid, but that cardboard box marked FireLiters seems a bit close to the stove?

    They’re not that easy to light. But I do keep meaning to move them to the woodbox.

  4. Mike says:

    The wood stove heat powered fan is a great little gadget. I’ve had one for the last few years. I use it in my workshop to circulate the heat.

  5. Robert says:

    Joel: Do have any kinda link for that heat-powered fan?

    Re Artemis: I’m glad you liked it as it is one of the books the library will hold for me when it is available. I think I’m number 143 out of 145 on the list for it. Yeah, I’m cheap enough to wait a year or two for a book for free rather than (shudder) buy it.

  6. Joel says:

    Joel: Do have any kinda link for that heat-powered fan?

    This is so close it might be the same one.

  7. M says:

    1) How the Fan works
    2) Right Link
    3) So glad it works for you

  8. Its called the seebeck effect. Basically, you take two dissimilar metals and connect them together, then you expose them to heat. Where the two metals meet, there will be a difference in voltage. This is how radioisotope thermoelectric generators work.

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