Well, I thought it was funny…


…but then Detroit is my home town. And even though I haven’t lived in the city proper since the sixties, I was in and out of the ‘burbs until the turn of the century and I’ve seen what progressivism and racism have done to it. And that black fist was pretty much the final insult for me. So as public art goes, I found it rather appropriate.

The city fathers, oddly, disagreed and for once they found the necessary resources for getting rid of it immediately available.

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2 Responses to Well, I thought it was funny…

  1. Matt, another says:

    Is that the new TSA Memorial?

  2. Mr Galt says:

    City officials say they plan to remove the Crisco can because they see it as “abandoned property.”

    That little quote made me chuckle. I worked on site cleanups down there in the 90’s. After they were done consuming millions in taxpayer dollars the city managers had no problem allowing said “remediated” properties to be randomly recontaminated with all manner of “abandoned” property. Their reasoning was “these people need to earn a living” – apparently by taking more taxpayer dollars for refuse disposal, and just dumping that refuse in a newly cleaned-up property.

    A pox on Detroit and the malevolent malcontents that live there.

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