Well that figures…

Look what I got yesterday!

From a weekender neighbor I don’t even officially do work for! I just swing by his place from time to time to leave tracks (I have a theory that marks of recent activity keep curious scroungers away, and so far it hasn’t been disproven) and make sure it’s still all there. And he never asked me to do it, so it isn’t as if he owes me anything – I only do it to help keep a little bit of order in my immediate neighborhood.

Anyway, you know how I’m always going on about synchronicity – well, it’s been really cold so I’ve been burning a lot of propane, and I had that week-long gig on the other side of the plateau so I’ve been burning a lot of gasoline, which basically meant that on yesterday’s regular water run I needed to buy all the things.

And it was the end of the month, so Big Brother’s monthly care package wasn’t in my hands. I had Patreon money on the debit card so I could do the gasoline but I planned to dip into my cash reserve for propane. No emergency, obviously propane costs are going to go up quite a lot in winter and that’s what the reserve is for, but still irritating. And then I opened this unexpected card and found a very unexpected gift, literally minutes before I went on the water run. Nice!

…and then as if to keep me balanced, I came home from the water run and found that the #40 bottle running the bedroom heater* had sucked dry. So my propane supply wasn’t topped off even for a comforting minute. Figures.

Anyway, yesterday I got BB’s care package and in an hour I’m going up to get paid for last week’s gig, so I’m flush for cash for January. So it’s all good.

* Yes, I’m aware that I need longer hoses. Thank you for not pointing out my lack of foresight.

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2 Responses to Well that figures…

  1. It’s always nice when synchronicity visits instead of Murphy.

  2. Judy says:

    Maybe the Desert Gods knew Murphy was about to pay a visit and decided not this time.

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