Well, that was intensely unpleasant.

I’m probably just enjoying the interlude before the drugs wear off. The pain is now merely very unpleasant, and not positively disabling.

Woke up this morning and everything was just fine. Then I felt like I’d been stabbed in the side, and nothing was fine at all. This went on for about two hours and clearly wasn’t going to get better on its own. In fact I genuinely wondered if I was dying. Called my neighbors D&L, and D came out in his Jeep and took me to the clinic in the little town nearest where we live.

And it’s completely my fault. Turns out that like an idiot I’d let myself get really badly dehydrated, and kicked loose a kidney stone. By the time I was in the Jeep I was barely coherent. I have felt worse pain than that, but I was having a leg blown off at the time.

I really thought I was drinking enough water, which shows how much I know. The doctor wanted to know if I had blood in my urine, and it took two IV bags and two bottles of water before I could raise the merest trickle.

So anyway I’m back home at the cabin now, and apparently I’ll be fine. I’m going back into town this afternoon to get some prescriptions filled and also fill my water bottles with drinking water that isn’t crunchy with calcium. I had a very busy morning planned, but I’m not up to any work right now. It still hurts quite a lot, but not by comparison with my condition at five this morning.

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9 Responses to Well, that was intensely unpleasant.

  1. Robert Evans says:

    Do water filters filter out calcium?

  2. Joel says:

    Some, but mostly no. At least not the Berkeys I used to use before I gave up on them.

  3. billf says:

    Wow,it’s aslways something,I guess.Glad you’re all right.Is there lways somebody nearby to call,or is there an ambulance service?I wonder sometimes about emergencies when you’re out on your own like you are.
    OTOH,I have been rescued in the past,and nowadays I think I wouldn’t even call,I’m ready to go.

  4. billf says:

    I guess I can’t spell ‘always’today-I missed it twice.

  5. Joel says:

    Billf, the cell phone might not have been invented as a safety device, but they’re dandy at that and that’s what I use mine for. We have a small group of neighbors who keep track and take care of one another, because it’s a relatively dangerous environment. Maybe everybody dies alone, but the point of the exercise is not to die.

    So as the pain got worse and I finally decided this wasn’t going to kill me quickly or go away on its own, I hit the speed-dial and had a Jeep in my driveway in less than ten minutes. He knows I’d do the same for him.

  6. KA9VSZ says:

    Drugs are your friend. As are some neighbors. Please stay hydrated.

  7. Ouch.

    Seen ‘Deadwood’? Remember Swearengen and his bout with ‘the gleet’?

    A buddy of mine is prone to them. It hurt like hell just to hear of the 7mm one he said he passed a few months ago.

    There but for the grace…

  8. MJR says:

    Oh Joel…

    As a guy that is prone to stones I feel for you. I just passed a 4.9 mm stone on the weekend. As for you and hydration, I will say to you what my Doc said to me “whatever you think is enough water double it, cut down on the coffee and stay away from pop.”

    One thing you can do to prevent this happening again is try to drink some cranberry juice because it scours out the crap in the kidneys.

    It’s good that the folks around you are willing to help, it is like that where I live too.

    Stay well my friend…

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