Well, that’s data. I guess.

I never badmouth a gift. I got two high-dollar inverters for free, okay?

The idea of two of them was that my benefactor had the notion he could wire their outputs together and that didn’t work out. Which means I’ve got two 600-watt inverters but I’m only running one of them*, and 600 watts is sometimes kind of an awkward size.

For running the cabin, 600 watts is normally just fine. I think this inverter could even run a small refrigerator, though of course it would stress such a small battery bank after dark. But any time you introduce a power tool, you’ve got a question to answer.

Today I borrowed Ian’s shop vac…

…and the answer turned out to be yeah, sort of, but only for a few minutes. Actually the problem isn’t the inverter, which ran the vac just fine but I didn’t notice how fast it sucked down the battery voltage. And as soon as it hit LO VOLTS, it just switched off.

So that happened. Which I should have been paying more attention to, since we’ve been getting afternoon rain and it’s currently all cloudy…

Sigh. Think I’ll just turn the ‘pooter off now…

*One’s a spare, of course. Spares are always good. My power system may be small but it has 100% redundancy, baby, and that’s the only one in the neighborhood. :)

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3 Responses to Well, that’s data. I guess.

  1. Ben says:

    You were vacuuming in preparation for finishing your floor?

  2. terrapod says:

    Vacuum motors are amperage hogs due to the very high RPM needed. You might want to open the windows and try a gas powered leaf blower instead. Surely someone in desert country has one of those…. or perhaps not. Damp rag and allow it to dry out before coating, should pick up most of the dust that remains, then again, have you completely rodent/bug and dust proofed the doors?

  3. MJR says:

    What terrapod said about vacuums being power pigs is spot on. If any of your friends could loan you a small generator to run the shop vac that would do the trick. As for the gas powered leaf blower, you better get some air freshener too because that small engine exhaust smell tends to linger.

    What I’ve done in the past when finishing floors was to get several rags (old tee shirts cut up) and a push broom. I wet the rags one at a time, drop them on the floor and use the push broom to move them around switching them as they get too dirty.

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