“Well, the good news is I get to come back.”

BEAUTIFUL day! Temp well into the the sixties: Should have predicted the wind that came up after lunch and come to town in the morning, but so be it. I wanted to do this “software update” that has kept me from being able to connect the laptop to the network with the new iPhone, so I brought all my electro-goodies to town for that very purpose.

Guess who forgot the connecting cable?

So right now all my gadgets are online thanks to the library wifi, but since I can’t connect the laptop to the iPhone it sees no problem. No problem at all. So I can’t fix it. Bother!

On the other hand, I have an excuse to ride my bike to town again, and it’s that time of year when I really want to do that, so…

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3 Responses to “Well, the good news is I get to come back.”

  1. Ben says:

    Wait a minute! Am I missing something here? Don’t you turn on the hotspot in your phone to connect to your laptop? Do it that way and you shouldn’t need a cable.

  2. Chris says:

    Uh-Oh, but don’t forget that Joel is just a touch of a Luddite and didn’t realize or forgot he could use the hotspot feature… On the other hand it’s a good excuse to get out of the gulch and go for a bike ride on a nice day, so I think it kind of counts as a WIN

  3. Ritchie says:

    I had the same problem, it turns out that the hotspot feature has to be part of your phone plan. Also, providers tend to use newer comm protocols over time, so things may work better with a newer phone that can match the protocols. I couldn’t get streaming AM radio to stay connected, and that was the problem.

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