When your favorite pants die…

…and you can’t bear to part with the corpse.

Several years ago I inherited maybe half a dozen pairs of baggy canvas jeans from a neighbor. They were already in the “popping mysterious holes for no apparently rational reason” phase of their decline. I only wore them in winter, and when they popped new mysterious holes I patched them. Some of them, I patched a lot.

Behold my favorite – and most-patched – pair of winter pants…

This winter multiple pairs of winter pants had simply had enough and began doing worse than just adding holes, and it was time to do the unthinkable – I actually bought new pants. Some are so new they’re not even out of the package and won’t be until November. But while I have officially replaced my winter pants, I couldn’t actually bring myself to, you know, throw the old ones away. Yeah, that’s right. I’m that obnoxious grandfather who won’t shut up about “the depression.”

Anyway – I finally found a way to assuage my sense of guilt. I needed a new roll bag for my revised and expanded Jeep tool kit, and so…

I think I can let go now. A piece of it will literally always be with me.

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3 Responses to When your favorite pants die…

  1. TK421a says:

    That’s a great idea, nicely done. It sure will help keeping the little bits and pieces of the tool kit from wondering.

  2. terrapod says:

    And shortly, a tool box or bag might suddenly appear out of thin air. Heh!

  3. jed says:

    Heck. I never throw out pants. I’ll use the salvagable fabric for lots of things. Stuff sacks are pretty easy. I’ll use the patch pockets for … pockets on something else or nail bags. I made a tube pillow. As I acquire more of them, I’ll eventually (sometime, yes really) try the DIY “micarta” thing. OK, granted, I retire them with less wear on them, typically when they’re too ratty for work, which is probably a little rattier than at most employers, other than construction sites. Right now, I might make a few virus masks. I like the idea of a Carhartt mask. (Yes, I know, they won’t be ‘surgical’ grade, but the purpose is to contain any outflow from me, not to stop inhalation.)

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