Wouldn’t want to spread any nasty inflation rumors, but…

For the record the price of flour has exactly doubled.

As I said last month, I’m giving up my practice of bulk-storing flour in the pantry in the original bags, and going to food buckets. Due to a shortage of empty buckets I’m having to do this kind of gradually, but that’s okay: 30 pounds was all I could afford to pay for anyway.

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6 Responses to Wouldn’t want to spread any nasty inflation rumors, but…

  1. Ben says:

    You are entirely right to not stock up at that price. Flour is a commodity, and (like gasoline) the price goes both up and down over time. Yes, up with inflation over the long haul, but up and down in the shorter term driven by gobs of various market pressures. Strike when the price is finally right.

  2. Mike says:

    While I’m not sure where you are located in Arizona, if you are close enough to one of the LDS Home Storage Center locations, you can get your flour at a good price already packed for long term storage. And yes, they will sell to non LDS members.

    Here are the details of the flour:


    And, here are the locations in Arizona:


  3. Joel says:

    That’s interesting, Mike. Thank you.

  4. Robert says:

    “Page not found” clicking on the pics of hard white and hard red. Squinting at the pics, it looks like the prices are quite a bit better than around here with the bonus of being SHTF-ready.

    Prices in WI have risen a bit but not horribly. I’ve been buying five-pound bags and vac-packing ’em. The LDS would be a way better storage method but this
    cheesehead is a homebody.

  5. Mike says:

    Joel, I am such a dope. I forgot to add this link in the event you want to see what else they have and the prices.


  6. Joseph Robert Mahoney says:

    Damn, Joel I am such a utter dolt. When I was forced out of My home in Mohave County in June due to all the damn California exodus I just tossed all my food grade buckets that did not fit in the van. Same with all my 7 gallon water containers. But a lady who did yard work claimed them. I could have set up a dead drop off nothing else for you to get the stuff.

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