Wow, what a beautiful day.

A sunny and still mid-fifties day at the end of December. The solar power’s loving it, the chickens are content, LB’s … asleep, so that doesn’t really matter.

The pullets had a personal best seven-egg day yesterday. Six the day before, five today. Of course at their age you need a lot of eggs…

…because the newbies make really small eggs. But that’s perfectly normal, they’ll get bigger.

Got a note from Landlady, she expects to arrive this evening. I had to go into her house to deliver eggs anyway so I lit a fire to take off the worst of the chill. The Meadow House does kind of hold the cold, unlike the Lair which benefits from sunshine over the course of the day.

She said she had a whole bunch of Christmas care packages! Some of these I know about, and ironically some of those will turn right around and go back to the city with her and me on Sunday. At least one probably isn’t officially a care package (though mostly paid for by Generous Reader CH) but just some Amazon stuff I bought. Nothing sexy, some clothes hangers and paint-on no-slip backing for this rug before one of us breaks a hip. And there may be a package or two I’m not anticipating, who knows? Joel likes care packages, and if you’ll recall last year at this time I made out like a burglar. Except a year ago the weather was so crappy the booty didn’t show up till mid-January. :)

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2 Responses to Wow, what a beautiful day.

  1. Robert says:

    Clothes and non-skid were the subject of our xmas discussions. Joel ain’t so far outta the mainstream as he may think. For the record, I received three scrub tops and a micro-drone that requires the operator to have the reflexes of a hyperactive teen overdosed on stimulants.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    Aren’t you ecstatic for the Globull Warming, Joel? That’s surely the only reason you might get this batch o’ goodies before mid-January…

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