Yeah, that’s pretty bad…

Seriously, I’ve had it with “active shooter” scares that exist to set us up for another six weeks of

because yesterday here we went again…

See, here’s the situation, and the best/worst/most ironic part is that I’m supposed to somehow feel guilty about this:

We’ve got this Extra special snowflake at Ohio State who’s apparently all upset because he can’t find a place where he feels safe to publicly pray to Allah, because of all that anti-Muslim backlash that never actually happens. Right? Never mind that if he were half a dozen Baptist kids who wanted to have a Bible study on the quad, they’d probably be summarily executed by the PC police. Who must have SWAT teams by now, surely. Anyway, he wants to express his righteous rage at people who fear Muslims because terrorism by running them down and stabbing them all with a kitchen knife, which is totally not terrorism. Because not Baptist.

None of this has anything whatsoever to do with me, except the first reports had him as another campus shooter, which needless to say will set us up for another six weeks of ‘ban all the guns.’ And I’m getting really tired of ‘ban all the guns.’

Which, since in this case there was no actual danger of such a thing, made me kind of sympathize with the special homicidal snowflake. A bit. At first. Except for the running around killing people thing. Which I totally condemn.

Also, here are a couple of tabs I’ve been saving so long I forget who first juxtaposed them…

Wisconsin’s gun deer season comes to close; safer season reported

Only five hunting-related incidents were reported in the state this gun deer season, and there were no fatalities.

That compares to eight incidents in 2015, including three fatalities.

“We like to have that zero fatality, zero incidents would be great too, but only five with 575,000 licenses sold, it’s a pretty safe gun-deer season overall,” explained DNR conservation warden Randy Dunkel.

That’s over an extended period of time, over an entire large state, during which mostly untrained tyros with high-power rifles are out in the woods actually intending to shoot camouflaged things they can barely see through brush.

Compare that with…

At least eight dead and 58 injured in shootings in Chicago over the Thanksgiving weekend as the city’s homicide rate hits a ten-year high

Which doesn’t really seem to need much of a block quote, does it? Yeah, that’s a single weekend in a gun-free collectivist utopia in which the happy, smiling citizens have all surrendered their atavistic weapons of violence to the proper authorities, so that they may live without fear in peace and security under the protective umbrella of the State.

Curiously, the deer-hunting monsters bitterly clinging to their – apparently harmless – high-power sniper rifles seem to make it into the gungrabber news all the time, while the slaughter among the serene, peaceful Chicago gangbangers never gets mentioned. Someday when I’m all grown up I hope to understand how that works.

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One Response to Yeah, that’s pretty bad…

  1. Kentucky says:

    “Someday when I’m all grown up I hope to understand how that works.”

    When/if you do, please share it with us. Whenever I point this out to lefty/liberal acquaintances, it’s met with several seconds of befuddlement before receiving the “it’s the racism and the poverty and the po-lice meanies and the GUNS FROM OUT-OF-STATE REDNECK GUN SHOWS” response. To which one can merely sigh, and wander off wondering how these folks manage to remember to breathe.

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