Yeah, we definitely got cattle now…

Excuse the shot; by the time you dig out the phone, light it up, punch in the PIN, select for camera, the cattle – which have already spotted you and are running away – are just about out of sight…

And these aren’t any strays; they were glossy and fat and knew exactly where they were going, and I later saw them at the waterer. There were also fresh truck tracks at the watering station from just before the new snow, so I have cattle in my life again. Oh joy. I think it’s time to put Torso Boy back on the leash until I see how he behaves…

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5 Responses to Yeah, we definitely got cattle now…

  1. Wayne Dygert says:

    Ambulatory steak

  2. John of the GMA says:

    AKA “slow elk”.

  3. mattexian says:

    It’d be fun to hear if TB still has any drover instincts.

  4. Jean says:

    There is a field next to our place with 21 pregnant cows and 2 curmudgeonly looking donkeys. We keep our dog away from all of those coyote stompers.

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