You can’t see it in the photo, of course, but…

We’re really wind-testing the panel rack improvements today.

We’re not getting gusts quite of the magnitude that wrecked it last month, and it’s very substantially stronger now so I know intellectually that there’s nothing to worry about. But on such matters I tend to be a worrier, so I prowled around it looking for creaky bits this afternoon. Didn’t find any.

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7 Responses to You can’t see it in the photo, of course, but…

  1. TK421a says:

    Good job. From the looks of things I’m sure it will last a long time.

    BTW while I don’t want to be a downer, you may want to hitch a ride into town and pick up anything you may need so you can hunker down for a while. As of tonight, America is now the world leader in new Corvid-19 cases. Considering the death rate is 4.5% versus the flu at 0.1% and the people who are dying are in our age group, be careful.

  2. Spud says:

    Only thing I might suggest, from an engineers viewpoint . Enclose the backside, preferably slightly sloped. Also do the same on the ends. Much reduction in windage would occur. If you do this leave a ridge vent at the peak and a small gap around the base so that heat won’t build.
    Ya got a large sail there and as a sailor , I understand windage and its power !
    By doing this , one changes the forces involved , from lift , to downforce…

  3. Kentucky says:

    Hate to enter the virus “debate” but one should, IMHO, take ALL statistics and other data seen anywhere on the ‘net with several ponds of salt.

  4. Kentucky says:

    “Pounds.” Fumble fingers. Although I guess several salty ponds might work pretty well. 😉

  5. TK421a says:

    Kentucky, you may want a look at this…

  6. Kentucky says:

    And what makes that outfit the judge of other media sources? I have it on good authority that they are strongly influenced by sinister groups within the Dark Web with the ultimate goal of subverting the entire worldwide media to the end of dominating world opinion, thus paving the way for the ultimate establishment of global submission to the uber-secret organization for which the CFR and Trilateral Commission have only been cover agencies . . . the Organization Whose Name We Must Not Speak, referred to in secret as the Bat-Shit Crazies of Southeastern Mongolia. Be forewarned!

  7. Kentucky says:

    I have to run now . . . the dark blue (not black) helicopters are circling . . .

To the stake with the heretic!