You know you live in a really small neighborhood when…

…”Joel got new glasses” is big news.

Reactions are of two types: “You look like you again! I missed the glasses,” and “They look so ordinary. They’re not super-thick or anything.”

The world has taken on a wonderment of new details I’d never bothered to notice were missing before. I’m sure in a few days it’ll all be normal again, but right now I feel rather like one of Anne Rice’s vampires shortly after the change. Without the homoeroticism, NTTAWWT. But the aversion to sunlight does sort of apply – the world is much brighter than it used to be. And colors are much more complex: Propane fire, for example, used to be just blue. Now there are all sorts of nuances, some of them positively neon. And my distance vision is amazing! I have this sudden urge to take up benchrest shooting.

A lot of this came from the surgery, of course, not the glasses. But it’s great to have the whole package at last.

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4 Responses to You know you live in a really small neighborhood when…

  1. anonymous says:

    I’m sure you are really going to be appreciating sunrises and sunsets as well. Good vision is a true gift – glad to hear its working out for you.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Of course it’s big news. It’s not so much the glasses as the year and a half drum roll leading up to them. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I used to get the same visual effects back in the 1970’s but it involved pharmaceuticals.

  4. Keith says:

    I find that the red pill keeps on giving visual details like that, for several years now.

    Some are breathtakingly beautiful, some, not so much.

    Joel, have you read Vaughn’s “Rifle Accuracy Facts”? it’s sort of like a modern day Mann (bullet’s flight), with the aim of getting excellent accuracy out of an old sporter weight rem 700 in .270 winchester.

    Obviously not a .270, but something to aim for:

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