You went full retard, Ted. Never go full retard.

I may have occasionally said things that might tend to imply that I’m not Ted Nugent’s biggest fan.

Throwing stuff out there just for the publicity is certainly Nugent’s thing, and that’s fine if you’re an aging (hell, aged) B-list rockstar trying to fill auditoriums. Maybe not so great when you’re the NRA’s most visible board member other than LaPierre.

I don’t really believe Nugent is suddenly a raving anti-semite, and I’ll note that he has been trying to walk-it-back-without-taking-it-back, in his own special style. Also, I am not now an NRA member and have not been since they somehow sort of lost my life membership, many years ago, so I’m not really entitled to an opinion. Got tired of all the fund-raising mail, anyway.

But you’ve got to wonder how much of this the NRA board will believe continues to be to its benefit…


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2 Responses to You went full retard, Ted. Never go full retard.

  1. UnReconstructed says:

    Don’t you think that the Nuge was pointing out the hyprocrisy of being a Jew in *favor* of gun control ?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of his. And he certainly could have said it better.

    So many times, I want to say to these people….ummmmm, could you please stop ‘helping’ ?

  2. Tam says:

    Hell, I disliked him even before he stole shit from my best friend.

To the stake with the heretic!