Your Monday morning dose of cop love…

Kids, dogs, they all look alike. The important thing is the officer is okay.

A 4-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a Columbus police officer who was only trying to kill the family dog.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon when a woman called the Ohio cop over for help with her sister who had cut herself.

The officer, who had been walking out of a home where he had been investigating a hit-and-run accident, made his way to the other family’s home.

But when he stood in the doorway, he claims the family dog came charging at him, so he pulled out his gun and fired, striking the child in the right leg.

Don’t. Call. The cops.

Unless it’s a legal requirement, you know, like you need to report a dead body or something. And then hide the dogs and kids first. Mr. Policeman is Not Your Friend.

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  1. VOX says:

    In before someone says “this was just an isolated incident.”

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