Your outrage is not about Trump, lady. It’s about you.

And if I may presume to speak for “rednecks” for a moment, we’d appreciate your leaving us out of it.

Presented for your consideration, an adventure in missing the point:

I detest Trump, but a ‘redneck’ fixed my Prius with zip ties

After the [DC Womans’] march, Katherine and I hit the road in the late afternoon, feeling good; we had done our part to express our outrage. We were about 90 minutes south of D.C. when I heard a terrible popping sound. I assumed I had blown a tire and headed toward the nearest exit. The popping was followed by screeching — were we now driving on metal? Luckily, there was a gas station right off the exit.

Before I could do anything but park my gray Prius, a man rushed over. “I heard you coming down that road,” he said. Before I could say much he started surveying the situation. He didn’t so much offer to help us as get right to work.

It turned out that I hadn’t blown a tire; a huge piece of plastic under the front bumper had come loose, causing the screeching as it scraped along the road. After determining that he couldn’t cut the plastic off, he ran over to his car to grab some zip ties so that he could secure the piece back in place.

He did all of this so quickly that I didn’t have time to grab the prominent RESIST sticker on the side of my car, which suddenly felt needlessly alienating. As this man lay on the ground under my car with his miracle zip ties, I asked if he thought they would hold for four more hours of driving.

“Just ask any redneck like me what you can do with zip ties — well, zip ties and duct tape. You can solve almost any car problem. You’ll get home safe,” he said…

She seems shocked at not finding herself in a Deliverance remake.

Trump’s cruelty and mendacity demand outrage and the most vigorous resistance a nation can muster. Yet the experience with the man at the side of the road felt humbling. It reminded me that we are all just people trying to get home safe. It felt like a sign, that maybe if we treat one another with the kindness and gratitude that is so absent from our president and his policies, putting our most loving selves forward, this moment can transform into something more bearable? I want to come away from the march with that simple lesson, but it begs this question: How do we hold onto the fire fueling our resistance to the cruelty Trump unleashes, but also embrace the world with love? I wish I knew.

You might have considered asking that “redneck” you were so prepared to despise at first sight. He seems to have it figured out.

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16 Responses to Your outrage is not about Trump, lady. It’s about you.

  1. joseph mahoney says:

    I caught this last night and the fact a year later she is brainwashing her 16 year old daughter with her liberal nonsense and hate. As a redneck living in the wasteland in northwestern AZ I just do not get wasting that much time and head space with that much hate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How absolutely up your own ass must you be to not understand that a person’s politics have so very little to do with who they are as a person. This woman needs more doses of reality. She’s spent her whole life demonizing her political opponents until they are caricatures in her head, like the Jewish propaganda of Nazi Germany. Must be jarring to see those evil, heartless, ignorant cousin fucking rednecks actually show compassion for another human being, in spite of the “resist” sticker on her car.

    Good message, but unfortunate that a grown adult had to have this revelation. Back away from politics for a bit, you might be surprised when your entire worldview isn’t shaped by “me good, ou evil”.

  3. so, what has the president done that is cruel?
    also, what about the clinton mendacity?
    the widespread treason?
    what is troubling is that these people, whose lives are so easy they have time and money to protest instead of trying to get in enough work hours to pay the rent and the doctor, are actually allowed to vote. they live in plenty and what most of our ancestors would find to be luxury but they are not thankful. they are hateful.
    i wish they could all get a long, unavoidable dose of reality.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    I read tbo about every day, and when I saw this, it made me almost wish I were on Fakebook, so I could tell her she’s an imbecile. Then again, she probably knows it, deep down. Why else would she be that way?

  5. Andrew says:

    I love how she seems to have written this for sympathy from the public, only to be savaged like a criminal covered in sausages running through a guard dog convention.

  6. Andrew says:

    Add: By the commenters to her pitiful screed.

  7. Yet more evidence that these people still, even now, have no freakin clue why they lost the last election. Here we have someone who seems to understand perfectly (via the “resist” sticker comment) that she’s deeply into “just to be a jerk” territory…and yet then continues to drip with the very sort of “why won’t you cousin-humping rednecks ever vote for us?” condescension that hides in perfectly plain sight, when she keeps right on speaking of the Not Like Her as she would of a primitive species in a petri dish.

    I find myself wracked with a conundrum, actually. I mean, it’s not that it’s surprising that hard-core statists might have a case of proctologically induced tone deafness… But seriously (for cereal!) my amusement–at this ongoing spectacle of fainting-couch theater that has somehow managed to weaponize the Santayana quote about a fanatic (being one who redoubles his efforts after losing sight of his goals) and which just never seems to end; and my actual horror–at realizing that once again the mistake I made in anticipating The Stupid of another national election was something I did not realize was possible: simply that I was not cynical enough–are locked in mortal combat with one another, and right now it’s anybody’s fight!

  8. Jerry N says:

    100% metaphysical certainty that if the redneck was broken down on the side of the road with his MAGA bumper sticker showing, Ms Pussyhat would’ve gleefully explained the karmac justice of it all to her daughter as they zipped past him. Maybe honk and give him the Finger of Righteous Resistance for good measure.


  9. joe tentpeg says:

    ‘Trump’s cruelty’ eh?

    There was a story during the campaign of how Trump’s limo broke down a few years ago.

    Some blue collar guy stopped, helped, and got him going again.

    Just like this Prius lady.

    Guy found that Trump paid off the mortgage on his house a few weeks later in thanks.

    Wanna bet a steak dinner that Hillary woulda done that?

  10. Kentucky says:

    One assumes, safely I believe, that the lady punctuates her rant with furious little stomps of her well-shod foot.

  11. Joel says:

    the lady punctuates her rant with furious little stomps of her well fashionably-shod foot.

    FIFY 😉

  12. Unclezip says:

    I keep asking, and am constantly ignored, for substantiated proof of Trump’s “cruelty and mendacity”. I’m stealing Keven’s “proctologically induced tone deafness” to explain it away.

  13. Kentucky says:

    Joel, your fix is what I intended to convey, but you did it better.

  14. gojuplyr says:

    Not to mention the brilliance of driving on a flat tire. Pull the hell over and change the damn thing. Of course she looked for a service station where she could sit all regal like and virtue signal to all the lower class working men.

  15. p.s.- does she think the president to be a redneck?
    people like her are genetically unable to see themselves for what they are. they always feel superior.
    she wasn’t really grateful, just surprised because she herself would never be guilty of a kind act.
    these feminists [definition=someone who hates femininity] despise men but don’t mind relying on them, indeed expect men to take care of them, all the while despising them. she despised her savior for being male and an untermensch with no stock portfolio.
    i reckon her husband, or, more likely, her alimony source, was working to support her and her prius.
    that gives her free time and $$$ to indulge in all her foolishness.
    i am really pissed! can you tell?

  16. Joel says:

    i am really pissed! can you tell?

    Well, I’m saving “Feminist = Someone who hates femininity” for my own later use. 🙂

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