Your tax dollars at work!

Ladies and gentlemen, the website of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee…

…whose website manager needs a course in title composition – or at least proofreading.

I noticed this while reading about “H.R. 4081: Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act,” one of Lee’s trio of “common sense gun safety bills” designed to effectively outlaw gun ownership for anyone but police, military and VIP security (specifically exempted) while not officially doing that. There are several high (low?) points but here’s just one…

(d)Firearm insurance
(1)In general
The Attorney General shall issue to any person who has applied for a license pursuant to subsection (c) and has paid to the Attorney General the fee specified in paragraph (2) of this subsection a policy that insures the person against liability for losses and damages resulting from the use of any firearm by the person during the 1-year period that begins with the date the policy is issued.

The fee specified in this paragraph is $800.

Per year. And that’s just for the insurance; there’s no mention of what the fee for the annual license renewal will be.

Yeah, I know there’s no chance it’ll pass. This year. But it’s fair warning of what our beloved protectors have in store for us.

We’re in such good hands. I feel safe and cherished by our beloved protectors, as they busily try to legislate me out of existence…

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6 Responses to Your tax dollars at work!

  1. Demented Guy says:

    Texas has started to turn into a liberal shithole. Thank God we still have Oklahoma.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m hoping it comes now so my childrens children won’t have to fight this war . Let there be war !

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Do note that Ms. Jackson-Lee’s district has been gerrrymandered to insure that she or some other fine “leader” with her same predilections will always be elected. And the “Legal” system has NO problem with that.

  4. Bear says:

    The idiot’s “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act” regulates “assault weapons” that were not used in Sabika’s murder (.38 revolver & pump shotgun).

    Time for a “Sheila Jackson Lee Mandatory Mental Health Screening for Politicians Act”.

    To be fair, it could also be titled the “Hank Johnson…”

  5. Mike says:

    I think I’d really like to those laws passed. Once they are on the book, one of two things will happen. Either law enforcement will start confiscation and arresting violaters which will most likely unleash a real sh!t storm. Or, they will do nothing which will prove the emperor had no clothes. Joel would be glad to be living in the desert.

  6. TK421a says:

    “Come a day there won’t be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all.”

    – Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

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