Zelda will get a kick out of this…

Today’s big project is cleaning out Ian’s powershed prior to fitting it with a door…

It’s been that way since we built it in 2009 and you can imagine the rat situation. It contains the power system but we also stored a crap ton of building supplies in there, most of which went unused and which now need to be hauled out and sorted through (mostly) for disposal.

I did some exploratory sweeping/scraping yesterday afternoon and was immediately glad I had splurged on a thing I really thought at the time would be expensive overkill…

Now I just hope it’ll be enough.

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6 Responses to Zelda will get a kick out of this…

  1. Mike says:

    One thing that I’ve learned over many years doing H&S… It’s better to have the correct PPE and not need it then to need the PPE and not have it.

  2. Sendarius says:

    Hanta virus is nasty! Glad to see you actually USING the PPE.

    When I was involved in asbestos remediation of the mainframe computer room where I was a systems programmer, the law required that PPE/breathing equipment be issued to all workers, and worn whenever they were on-site.

    Everybody wore the breathing gear – they would have been fired if they didn’t – but 80% or so wore it loose around their neck unless a workplace inspector was doing a check.

  3. ZtZ says:

    WOW!!! Wow!!! Wowsers!!! Yippee!! Ohmygosh!! JOEL!!! You did it! Hope you make that photo your screen saver. Or you could replace your web page photo. What a wonderful, happy thing to see. Ummmmmm, now about the rest of the outfit – maybe a disposable coverall? You do wear disposable gloves? and shoe covers? Goggles? Please wash any exposed skin, especially your eyes, ears, and exposed hair, sunglasses, and take those clothes off (with disposable gloves on) before you go in the Lair and don’t drive the Jeep with those clothes on. No reason why you can’t drive home naked, who’s to see? You can leave a large plastic bag there to use for your contaminated disposables. How are you disposing of any dust and dirt you sweep out? When you disinfect the interior, please include any tools you’ve used. You can’t be too careful. So many viral diseases, especially the unnamed ones, are forever and you are by yourself and a long way from high tech medical care. BTW your shots are all up to date? including the new pneumonia shot for older people? Just saying. I can hear ML applauding.

  4. jed says:

    Now that we have a documented expert to ask, my question is about how well those respirators work when you have a full beard. I suppose, when the apocalypse comes, I might break down and shave if it means I get to live on … but, we are talking about a near 30-year beard here, ya know.

  5. Joel says:

    Works fine, really. I had the same question at first but the beard hasn’t been a problem. I’m guessing it’s because of the wide mask gasket and I’m sure there must be SOME leakage, but I’ve used both my masks in some irritant-laden air for extended periods over the past year and they work fine.

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