A little damper than planned…

Re-attached the damaged bedroom addition corner to the Lair’s frame with timber bolts – borrowed a long drill bit from Neighbor D to make it so. The bolts pulled the door’s hinge plate back into square. Then I installed the new doorknob…

Problem solved, perfect fit.

I started afternoon chores with a scrounging run – a person I don’t know basically abandoned a lot not far from the lair, along with a bunch of junk. This happened last year in October, and I had a chance back then to make a buck cleaning up the site. Unfortunately my arm was still in a sling from that fall I took, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to lift heavy objects again. It’s been nine months and I’m still not 100%, but we’ve settled at a new normal. Anyway, the opportunity to get paid for cleaning that site dried up, but there’s still all this junk there and I sort of got a back-channel offer to dig through it for usables. Didn’t score much of value except one old-fashioned but usable 100# propane bottle. They cost a lot of money new. I don’t use them because they’re too big and heavy for me, but spare propane is spare propane. Fill this one and it’ll stay filled, and it’ll store neatly in Ian’s propane enclosure. Someday I’ll bless myself for going to the trouble.

Other than that there were a couple of good concrete blocks and a bunch of old lumber suitable for cutting up for the woodshed. Worth the run, anyway. Nothing else there but UV- and rodent-destroyed garbage. It happened a lot out here around the turn of the century: There was a Y2K-inspired survivalism craze that probably made a few people a lot of money, and when it went away there were all these half-baked sites with all this rotting junk lying about. Nice.

Anyway I got back from emptying the trailer and got to work on the addition door, finishing just as it began to sprinkle. Hadn’t really expected rain but I was wrong, and I still had Landlady’s chickens to deal with. So LB and I raced the storm out there and – for the record – lost the race. I’m typing this with a damp towel around my shoulders.

Miller time.

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5 Responses to A little damper than planned…

  1. Norman says:

    Y’know, just because it holds 100 lbs of propane doesn’t mean it has to be filled with 100 lbs of propane. The 40s hold a tad over 9 gallons, so put 10 gallons (43 lbs) into it. Or maybe 12.

    I know that seems like being wasteful with space, since a 100 pounder will hold 23 gallons, but it would be easier moving 50-60lbs around instead of 120. I found a super, super deal on 70s a while back, and have one filled completely with 16 gallons, the others have 10 gallons each, making them the “cyclic equivalent” of my existing 40 pounders. Much easier to move. BTW, a hand truck with fat air-filled tires and a ratcheting tie-down strap are your firiends.

  2. Ben says:

    Has the price of propane gone down recently along with other energy prices? What I’ve noticed over the last decade or so is that propane prices just go up, never down. Retail propane seems divorced from the general energy market. Finally the price got so high that I (mostly) found other alternatives, so I don’t even know what the stuff costs any more.

  3. Joel says:

    Out here the price of propane seems to track that of gasoline pretty closely. This morning I paid about $2.30/gal.

  4. travellingmanblog says:

    Methinks it may be time to send another small care package with select building items. Good timing, I am now in the process of cleaning out my old workshop (which will become wood working only) and re-organizing the barn from catch-all to new workshops & storage. I am pretty sure I can find excess or duplicates of a whole lot of stuff that would be useful to a desert hermit. You may have to open a box or two to find out what is in it to paraphrase Nancy Pelousy ((grin)).

  5. blindshooter says:

    A wheeled hand truck will make moving a 100# bottle easy. I’ve moved thousands of them, empty and full. Tip it over into the trailer and slide it out letting it fall on or near the hand truck/cart. Get a safety cap for it and roll with it. Some places give a better price on the lp when filling bigger tanks. We just filled up all our tanks at $1.38/gal. My late father was in the gas business, I was his slave labor force, he did keep me from starving so maybe I won’t a real slave…..

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