A Terrifying Arsenal!

I did not make up the following headline – in a relatively major GB news site – and the accompanying photo doth truly accompany.

Ready? Go.

Terrifying arsenal of weapons among dozens seized in Met’s gun amnesty

Clearly, London has all its “gun violence” problems handled. 😉

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11 Responses to A Terrifying Arsenal!

  1. That “Colt” looks like a non-firing replica. I’d take the pepperbox and the single shot percussion if someone gave them to me or offered them for $5 or $10. But, “terrifying”? Only to the most pathetic of cowards. Which is why the headline writer deserves my contempt.

  2. The British have certainly slid down the evolutionary scale since the Victorian days. There are a lot of good people out in the countryside though. I saw a Nat Geo program some years ago about British “preppers” and the two guys were out practicing with crossbows……

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    I’d be terrified if I absolutely had to count on any of those for my EDC. Interesting room decorations at best. :) For some strange reason, I think the UK has finally lost the rest of its mind.

  4. Kentucky says:

    And to think . . . at one time this nation essentially ruled the world.

    Sad, indeed.

  5. coloradohermit says:

    Terrifying in that I might choke to death while laughing. But they are cool, and like ML said, they’d be great décor.

  6. Corey says:

    I’ve got more guns then that in my sock draw

  7. Robert says:

    Corey: where do you keep your socks?

    5 of 6 look like paperweights.
    My “arsenal” would induce a stroke in the headline writer as I have one actual rifle.

  8. Bill T says:

    The gene that was of the “Thin Red Line” has defiantly been bred out. I remember back in the early 80’s when I was living there the joke was that anyone with get and go had got up and left.

  9. John says:

    “Don’t meddle with old unloaded firearms. They are the most deadly and unerring things that have ever been created by man.”

    Mark Twain – Advice to Youth speech, 4/15/1882

    More fun about the photo at:


  10. Most of that stuff is actually legal to own in the UK, but turned in by people who don’t know what it is or don’t want to throw a gun-shaped object in the garbage.

  11. anon says:

    Actually none in of those in the first picture are illegal in the UK. All are section 58, obsolete calibre or antique. You can but them at any militaria fair or antique market. The error metropolitan police are famous for confiscating such guns and then having to return them with an apology. They’ve even seized deactivated firearms and tried to charge the owners and been thoroughly embarrassed in court.

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