You may remember California senator Kevin de Leon

Surely if you’re a California shooter you know the name, for surely he is beloved of all California shooters

Turns out it’s only law-abiding Californians that de Leon can’t stand. He’s related to everybody else, and seems to regard them quite highly. In fact, he wants to remodel California laws to accommodate them.

Come on, #CalExit. When California is annexed by Mexico, thirty or forty picoseconds after secession, I will find myself suddenly getting enthusiastic about that wall idea. I’ve lived there, and I know right where America needs a wall.

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One Response to You may remember California senator Kevin de Leon

  1. Robert says:

    A) What a sleaze bag. Most politicians should be outlawed. Can’t think of any that shouldn’t be just now.
    B) What part of “illegal” makes people want to provide benefits for these so-called immigrants?
    C) The US of A is screwed.

To the stake with the heretic!