Ah! It’s a plague! Or maybe a plot…

So a couple of days ago I moaned that I had suddenly gone through a major percentage of my remaining AAA batteries in a single dark morning. Haven’t gotten around to procuring a new package but that’s all right – the crisis was averted and I still have some, right?

So this morning I’m trying to figure out this new game camera, which turns out to need eight AA batteries. Nooo problem – of AA batteries I have a great many, some of which have been around so long I WISH some need would come around to help me use the old ones up.

Can’t get the damned thing to work. Decide to see if the battery tray is doing anything. Reach into my drawer for my favorite multimeter…

A gift from Neighbor S many years ago when he got a better one. I don’t actually use it very often because normally I just check battery connections and the cheap meter permanently in the powershed is fine for that. So guess whose display is getting dim. Again, nooo problem! Because these meters always use 9-volt batteries. I have more than enough 9-volt batteries in stock because as far as I recall, since the death of the calculator only meters still use them and rarely use them up.

I open up my favorite meter, which – as mentioned – I don’t actually use all that often, to replace the single 9-volt battery. I have the replacement right here. And…

It’s a plot. That’s what it is. My tools are conspiring against me.

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8 Responses to Ah! It’s a plague! Or maybe a plot…

  1. Robert says:

    So, you’re forced to test the AAs by putting them in the test instrument used to test AAs. Sounds perfectly cromulent.

  2. B says:

    Why not get some rechargeable AA batteries? Not all that expensive and you can charge ’em on days when there are lots of extra photons around….

  3. sevesteen says:

    My current favorite cheap crap shipped from China has battery testers that use the battery being tested for power at $2, add a dollar if you want digital. . (I’m guessing most of the crap shipped from China sites have similar, haven’t used this one long enough to either endorse or advise against)

  4. Mike says:


  5. boynsea says:

    Should you ever need a new digital VOAM, take a look at the SouthWire 10031S. Sad to say it’s made of Chinesium, but it has 90% of the features of my old Fluke 86. Been dropped and otherwise abused, but keeps working. My go to meter when away from the big toolbox. Much cheaper than a new Fluke. And it uses a 9v battery.

  6. Terrapod says:

    Just you wait until someone donates a newer piece of kit. You open it up and find that it needs a single AAAA battery to function. Heck, I did not even KNOW such a type existed until this happened. Of course the only pack I could find at the store was a 4 pack.

  7. Joel says:

    I did not know there was such a thing as a(n?) AAAA battery.

  8. Terrapod says:

    Just for giggles. will send you a family picture.

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