An all-time record, and I didn’t even post.

Check this out…

Previous best day ever was almost two years ago, when Milo Something Greek and Obtrusively Gay tweeted a link to a TUAK post and for about two hours the stats counter smoked its bearings trying to keep up.

What’s even more ironic is that yesterday’s spike didn’t have anything to do with the Uncle link. Instead, Commander Zero wrote a very nice post linking to all those old Mountain House reviews, and things went nuts and remain so.

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3 Responses to An all-time record, and I didn’t even post.

  1. You were recommended to my by Claire over at . Cool blog.

  2. Also..I dont deserve the credit. ,Rawles over at linked to MY post which was linked to YOUR post. And, once you get a link from ,Rawles, well…. the ol’ hit counter starts a-spinning.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gotta be honest, I saw the link from Zero’s blog and that’s how I found you

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