Getting back to normal…

Ridiculously pleasant day, warmer than yesterday though maybe a little breezier than I’d choose. Sometimes, even in January, you get a shirtsleeves afternoon. Not that you want to hear about my underwear, but for the first time since November I’m not even wearing longies.

Time to put the book down and go play outdoors.

Landlady was up last weekend so her woodbin is mostly empty. It’ll take a couple of these to get her back to full.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve moved the game camera around, trying to find a good place to photograph wildlife. In all that time it has photographed an occasional rabbit, and even that was rare.

I’ve got maybe another month before the cattle come back, so I figured I may as well take advantage of the watering station while I have it to myself.

Took me a while to figure a way to check the camera’s field of view without access to the laptop. Turns out I could put the mem card in that sweet little Nikon point-n-shoot and check the pics on its screen. So I set up the camera in what I thought would probably be the right direction, walked around and let it run, then checked its settings and inclination with the Nikon, stuck a big mem card in it,…

…and knew it would be all right instead of just hoping so.

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3 Responses to Getting back to normal…

  1. Mike says:

    Getting back to normal here too, we got around 4 inches of snow today and another foot is expected on Friday.

    Nice thing about checking the memory card in the camera, you can always erase any of the test pics you don’t like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What does the windmill power?

  3. Joel says:

    Nothing, any more. There’s a shallow well right there, no more than 50 feet. The water isn’t potable but I guess cattle can drink it. They say there’s some sort of geological goof right there. For some reason these cattlemen chose to ignore it and dug a well down to the aquifer – which they pump out onto the ground every day, all summer long.

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