And Commenter Ben wins this week’s…

TUAK “Why didn’t you think of that, Joel?” Prize…

That’s the only entrance I can identify, and it’s definitely the one the mice were using. I’ll give it a week and check to see if they’ve moved back in; the plastic and duct tape approach was always a forlorn hope and anyway it wouldn’t have helped in summer.

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2 Responses to And Commenter Ben wins this week’s…

  1. jc2k says:

    Speaking of “why didn’t you think of that…” – why hadn’t you thought of intentionally getting stung by a tarantula hawk? This guy posted this earlier today and already has 450k views:

  2. Joel says:

    I’ve worked on intentionally NOT getting stung by a tarantula hawk. Does that count?

    Haven’t got the bandwidth for a 16 minute video of somebody screaming in self-inflicted agony so I didn’t watch the vid, but sheesh. That would really be extraordinarily stupid.

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