And now a river runs through it for a while.

I usually go do chicken chores around four in the afternoon, but…

…there was a lull in the rain around 1:30 and I had a feeling I should take that opportunity…

…because I might not get another chance today.

Good call. Started to rain again on our way back, and by the time Tobie was getting his “good boy” treat it was raining hard. Kept right on raining hard for over an hour, and as saturated as the ground is it came as no surprise when the ‘dry wash’ was dry no more. Hardly the first time this season.

We haven’t had any big floods so far, like we did last year. By the Lair’s rain gauge we’ve only gotten an inch and a half of rain so far today. But it doesn’t rain the same amount everywhere. A real downpour up on the plateau can cause havoc down here. So it pays to treat the wash with respect this time of year.

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One Response to And now a river runs through it for a while.

  1. coloradohermit says:

    The weather report this morning looks like you’re in for quite a bit more rain today. I hope you gave the chickens extra feed, just in case. Stay safe!

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