Torrential rain at first light.

I could have done everything I wanted yesterday and more. Oh, the weatherman was right about how it was going to rain but very wrong about when. Finally started raining at quarter to four and then it never stopped. Look! I’ve got a stream in my front yard at 5:30 in the blessed AM.

That normally only happens during the afternoon thunderstorm.

Everywhere I look it’s just utterly soggy and depressing…

I’m gonna email Claire and demand she come get her weather.

So, bottom line: I could have gone out to play yesterday to my heart’s content but didn’t because I believed the weatherman. Today I’m trapped in the house all day – with a dog that’s already blaming me for the whole thing, because why can’t I do my one job and properly manage the weather.

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3 Responses to Torrential rain at first light.

  1. Claire says:

    I’d love to take my weather back! Been 90 degrees here, and bone dry.

    Your backyard stream looks lovely. 😉 But yeah, I know …

  2. DaveS says:

    95 and bone dry for weeks in my part of Montana. Send rain, please!

  3. Here’s one link to Arizona weather radar:

    If you lived further south they have a map with about twice the resolution. In my opinion their map grid on that display is 10-15 miles too far south in relation the the particulates displayed. Obviously it’s not a very granular tool – but if used with common sense you should be able to keep up with the trend. Note that there’s a date/time stamp down at the bottom. 5pm Az is 2400. If you download an image at intervals you can easily plot where the radar has indicated activity.

    The NWS has the same sort of maps on their websites – and if you search around you might find better.

    The page where that image above was linked at is here:
    UA Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences – radar

    They have an animation for the same image I linked above – but I get better results with static shots of the action.

    Funny – when I checked to see if the NAU website had a similar radar available they didn’t seem to have one. But they do have a Department of Earth and Sustainability.

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