And now for something completely different…

Courtesy of Breda, my day got a little brighter with this introduction to AbeBooks’ Weird Book Room.

Yes, you too can enjoy such titles (I don’t seriously suggest you read the actual books) as:

  • The Recently Deflowered Girl
  • Spacebloom: A Guide to Cosmic Flora
  • Forensic Examination of Rubber Stamps
  • The Radiation Recipe Book
  • Teach Your Wife to Be a Widow (Seriously, this is not a good idea)
  • Lumberjack Songs with Yodel Arrangements
  • All About Scabs
  • Knitted Historical Figures
  • Boy George Fashion and Makeup Book
  • At Your Cervix: A Gynecologist Tells All
  • The Man Who Left His Wife and Had a Nifty Time
  • The Armpit of Desire
  • Atlas of the Fleas of England and Ireland

And many, many (many many) more!

Seriously, just when I get to thinking I’ve got too much time on my hands…

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