Another drippy day in Paradise…

This wet week is getting me down. It actually looks like we’re going to get a little sun this morning but things aren’t really supposed to clear up till Monday – I’m not too worried about the Porch Roof Project getting rained out – but multiple all-day rain happens so seldom that when it does it really gets me in the mood. Also the joints.

I did my morning running around early this morning just to get it over with, and even though I don’t really need to I’m going to town with D&L this morning to break things up. That in itself is a clue just how depressing I find all this mud and rain. I did not move to the frickin’ desert because I’m so fond of mud and rain.

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2 Responses to Another drippy day in Paradise…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Man, wouldya look at that shiny, new Jeep seat!! Pretty neat there, Joel.

  2. terrapod says:

    Misery loves company. Rain 4 to 5 days of every week since early April here in SW MI, it is getting me in a lousy mood, not that hovering under 50 degrees F helps it any.

    Absolutely stir crazy waiting for sun, above 65 temps and dry. Hope the dogs er, gods hear my prayers. All this walking on clay bogs is depressing.

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