Anybody missing a dog?

This is the sort of thing that would normally put me on defcon 1, but there are considerations: There have been no dog complaints from neighbors, one of those dogs is wearing a collar and none look or act like desperate strays, it happened on Saturday and on no other day. They look like a tourist’s dogs out for a happy romp. And that’s probably what they were.

But for the record, if you go out to the boonies with an unleashed dog you should collar and tag it with its name and a contact number. I’ve hunted them, I’ve buried them, and I’ve rescued them and returned them to their owners. It’s situational – but if I see an uncollared dog around neighbors or poultry I’m probably going to just go ahead and assume the worst.

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4 Responses to Anybody missing a dog?

  1. LargeMarge says:

    Red Heeler, Rhodesian Ridgeback.

    Somebody’s pride and joy.

  2. Paul B says:

    Both are territorial. Good dogs if they are yours. Ghosts otherwise.

  3. AnnArborBoi says:

    Rhodies were bred to hunt lions weren’t they? Hell of a dog.

  4. czechsix says:

    Ridgie, eh? Well, hope they found their way home, otherwise they’ll be thirty miles away before you know it.

    Ridgebacks actually weren’t bred to hunt lions, but that’s a standard line from folks. They’re kind of a utility farm/ranch dog, but hunting was a part of that job description. As to the lions, ridgies will put them at bay and let the hunter finish the job. Ain’t a dog alive that can take a lion out, and even in packs RR’s will still wind up with casualties. I remember reading one incident with a pack of nine or so ridgebacks and a male lion. One dog swatted into a tree, broken back, one dog disemboweled, one dog torn open stem to stern. All this happened before the hunters got there to deal with the lion, so two dogs put down immediately, the one torn open actually survived.

    No way the fat knucklehead snoring at my feet right now would get anywhere near a lion, hell she doesn’t even go near moose or bear. Good alarm dog though.

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