“Are we missing any neighbors we care about?”

Busy and very expensive morning. I went to town for the regular Monday morning water run and came back with paint, a bunch of electrical stuff, and a new battery for the Jeep*. Thanks so much for the contributions, “timely” is hardly an adequate word.

There was nothing to do but drive the Jeep to D&L’s place, then remove the battery there. So I did that. On the way, I got a further tour of the immense damage Friday’s big flash flood did. Basically every plain at every bend of the wash was inundated at least briefly. There’s snags and debris everywhere. Including some that would require explanation even on the south side of Chicago…

“Is that bones? Are there really bones in the middle of the frickin’ road?”

Yes. Yes, there are.

I’m guessing cow, but who knows?

*Private to the man from Tennessee: and also whiskey.

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One Response to “Are we missing any neighbors we care about?”

  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    Gotta have your priorities straight. Can’t go beautificatin’ the Lair if ya can’t get back TO the Lair.

To the stake with the heretic!