Care Packages!

Big Brother, long on the road, decided to make up for lost time with a veritable shower of care packages…

Snack food and Spam!

An actual dozen bottles of sweet chili (crack) sauce. One of them broke in transit, and you haven’t seen a mess till…

Waterproofing materials for the construction project. And I’ll take waterproofing advice from a guy who’s spent most of his life in southern Florida, lemme tell you.

Also some cash, which makes possible a trip to the ophthalmologist which has become no small matter. There’s a problem with one of the meds they prescribed, leading me to stop taking it, probably leading to excessive eyeball pressure, and do you want blindness? Because that’s how you get blindness. So I’ll be expending that cash in a non-sexy manner posthaste.

The new bedroom’s actual furnace still resides in a city far, far away but I got probably the most exciting piece of it yesterday.

I’ve written in the past that while the most basic modern conveniences aren’t strictly essential to life, they’re each such improvements that they almost might as well be. I’m talking about things like electricity and indoor running water, but the humble thermostat almost rises to that level on those cold mornings when you’re arguing over who’s going to get out of the semi-warm bed and light the morning fire – only to remember you’re the only person in the building. The new furnace will surely not replace the woodstove, because propane is dear and must be Jeeped in seven gallons at a time. But we’re due for one of those frigid winters where the nights go down below zero regularly, and this time by god the Lair will be ready for it in a civilized and technologized manner. We’ve come a long way back to comfortable winters from that uninsulated, barely heated little trailer in the desert (much as I love it for what it began) and this little gadget right here might well complete the trip.

Somebody sent me a cool weather station! Check it out…

I’ve got to read the instructions and fiddle with the backlight controls. Last night before climbing to the loft I realized you could practically read by the thing, and that’s kind of an issue in a tiny one-room cabin. I ended up unplugging it, but I’m pretty sure there are backlight settings so I’ll see if I can’t dial down the brilliance a bit.

Aware that I’m nobody’s chef, people are still turning me on to spices and sauces of which I was previously unaware. This stuff can make a diet of potatoes and onions a lot more palatable, and I do appreciate it. Some of it’s a hit and some isn’t, but I never know what I don’t know till I learn.

And speaking of learning…

That’s a complete software update for the Official TUAK Laptop, which it has needed for quite some time. There are more and more websites I can’t even open because they don’t recognize my antediluvian Firefox version. But you can’t just point me to the Linux website and say “have a ball,” because I am the sort of person the mouse and GUI were invented for: I just want to type on the damned thing, I don’t want to have to program it. So Carl appears to have included step-by-step detailed instructions broken down for the complete moron. We’re going to test that proposition but not for a couple of days, because there are “hundreds of megabytes” of stuff to download and I’m at the end of my monthly download limit. In fact these photo-intensive posts are exceeding my daily ration, so probably no more internet for me today.

Last and certainly not least…

You guys rock.

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8 Responses to Care Packages!

  1. Claire says:

    I love that DAP Alex Plus caulk! I’ve mostly given up using fancy-schmancy specialty caulks, ’cause Alex Plus is so easy to use, so easy to clean up, and does everything.

    That looks like a normal lifetime’s supply of crack sauce. And I’m so glad the Linux update thing is taken care of. And MONEY!!!

    What a haul, Joel. Fantastic haul.

  2. Claire says:

    P.S. Beautiful weather station, too. I think when my little indoor-outdoor thermometer dies, I need one of those.

  3. R says:

    If you are going to tool caulk, especially silicone caulk, with a bare finger put a drop of dish detergent on your finger first.

    Also see if you can acquire some foam backer rod to fill gaps with before caulking. Backer rod lets you use lesser quantities of caulk to make more effective caulk joints.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    VERY nice weather station! Last time I saw Ma, she gave me one she’d found on sale & thought I might like, as my other, very basic, one had just died. Not that nice, though–yours is in color! (Here’s one for you fellow old farts–remember the first time you saw color TV? I do, & I remember what was on.)
    You’ve outdone me on high-tech toys, Joel, although that’s admittedly not difficult.

  5. Joel says:

    remember the first time you saw color TV?

    I do, it was some singing/dancing variety show. Everybody was green.

  6. Andrew says:

    Tennessee Budd. First time I remember was to go to the neighbor’s house to watch the moon launch. That was spectacular.

  7. Goober says:

    You guys are all old. 🙂

  8. Judy says:

    Great care packages!

    I was at a friend’s house and we watched the local kid’s afternoon cartoon program. Major Astro, the host, was purple! I came home and told Mom-n-Dad not to bother getting a color TV.

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