Back hurts

3:30 in the blessed AM, and I’m up groaning and grunting around the cabin. After a day so productive and pain-free I had begun to dare hope I was on the mend, I had a bad evening and a terrible night. I’m soaked in nostalgia over this one chiropractor I met one time, who got me through a 14-hour plane ride in Coach right after I had one of these spells. I seldom use this sentence, but “how I wish she were here now.”

The good news is that work helps. So while the thought of bouncing in the Jeep to go feed chickens makes me shudder (and then grimace at the back pain that causes) I can hardly wait for daylight because breaking out the ladder and brushes is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Just turned 4, and I see light in the east. Star of Bethlehem? I don’t think so.

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To the stake with the heretic!