Cute, Pt. 4: First coat, and a weather change

The weather forecast has been predicting “monsoonal weather patterns,” like anybody believes it’s ever going to rain ever again. But damned if it isn’t clouding up. Weather’s changing, and while I don’t really believe there’s going to be rain I definitely expect that there will be wind…

Which means this arrangement is as problematic as a redneck at a #MeToo rally. Those smaller panels are only held down with one bolt, and will not withstand serious wind. I intended to put on another coat after chicken chores and lunch, but now we’ll have to see. I took them down and set them in the powershed for safe keeping.

I did get a first coat on everything. It took five hours of contortions and my back is killing me, but the railing would actually shrug off a little rain now.

So I may not get any farther today, we’ll see how things go this afternoon. I’d like to get a second coat on the porch, that will go quicker than the first one did.

But here’s what the final product will look like…

It’s sort of a “man-who-wears-camo-every-day tries to do something cute” kind of cute. 😉

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13 Responses to Cute, Pt. 4: First coat, and a weather change

  1. Ben says:

    Do you intend to paint the plywood? If so, is there any chance you can get it done before the monsoons?
    (Also: You probably stopped seeing it years ago, but the outside those beams under the Lair could use a splash of paint.)

  2. Joel says:

    Agnostic on painting the plywood. It’s exterior ply, it won’t come apart quickly if at all, and it’s meant to be temporary – though that might translate to a couple of years. It’s a money thing. I want to paint it but I don’t want to make it dangerously slippery, so my thought was to buy some grey floor paint and try painting a piece of scrap and adding course sand from the wash to see if I could get the best of both worlds – but then the local hardware turned out not to stock floor paint. Deck stain, yes: Floor paint, no. The issue is on hold.

    (also, yes – this year the whole-cabin trim will get a coat of paint. Wish I’d painted the porch overhang before I built the porch, I may have complicated matters. Or maybe not, we’ll see.)

  3. B says:

    What are the dimensions of your deck?

  4. Joel says:

    Roughly 5.5 X 12.

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    Yes, I’m a redneck, and what would you expect to happen if you put me in a crowd of women wearing hats & shirts that say “pound Metoo”?
    Drunk, of course. Some of those women are fugly.

  6. Joel says:

    Wow, B, by my measurement it would take about 1.3 of those. At $477 apiece you could probably buy shares in a lumber pressure-treating plant for that.

    Is there such a thing as a lumber pressure-treating plant? I suppose there would have to be…

  7. Joel says:

    Tennessee, I put the chances of survival if a redneck used the expression “pound metoo” out loud at a #MeToo rally at just about … negligible, in spite of weapon choice and state of drunkenness. Your best choice would be to show up just about already unconscious, so you’ll go limp while they’re punting your ass around the county. Might save you some broken bones, but I still wouldn’t sell you insurance. Glad I could help there, Budd, let me know when you get out of traction. I’ll help you shop for wheelchairs.

  8. Kentucky says:

    Wow . . .$477 for a pack of ten, and he might need a couple more. Takes special fasteners and the specs call for 16″ joist centers.

    Not sure about how delivery would be accomplished.

  9. Kentucky says:

    Budd, you’d likely get slapped a lot. On the other hand, you never know . . .

    (From a very old joke)

To the stake with the heretic!