Battle not with wildlife, lest ye become wildlife,…

…and if you gaze into the game camera, the game camera gazes also into you.

Yo, I just totally made that up. Deep, huh?

While I was taking this picture yesterday afternoon, the background was taking a picture of me.

1418:122917:74F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[200:0005]G[008:0x0006]And then basically nothing happened for about eighteen hours, at least nothing the camera found notable, until…

0831:123017:22F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[197:0006]G[008:0x0006]Guess we’ll give it another try tonight.

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6 Responses to Battle not with wildlife, lest ye become wildlife,…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Pretty considerable temperature swing there. Typical?

  2. Joel says:

    40o or so temp variation is pretty typical, but that first reading probably reflects the fact that the camera had been in the warm cabin until just a few minutes before. It was warm yesterday afternoon but not that warm.

  3. Mike says:

    Nice photos Joel and I like the play on Nietzsche. His quote about gazing into the abyss was a classic.

  4. Jack says:

    Really looking forward to pictures of the local wildlife, hopefully something other than the abundant pack rats. That’s a hefty line you have tethering you to the hound. If/when the beast bolts do you drop the line or is there some desert version of a Nantucket sleighride that results?

  5. Joel says:

    He actually parted the core of his first long lead, a rope a little skinnier than this one. But he’s older now and less impulsive. I used to just plant my feet and pray he didn’t dislocate my arm, but these days he seldom forgets the rope.

  6. I appreciate the sample photos – looking forward to seeing what goes ‘bump’ in the night around there.

    I’ve wanted to get a game camera (or two) for around here for a long time but really don’t have the will to sit down and compare all the features – my eyes just start to glaze over. Your review over time could be useful in helping my own selection.

    Does yours have a selection of resolution and quality you can choose – or is the one you’ve shown all there is? For daytime purposes that looks pretty decent – it’ll be interesting to see how a night shot goes.

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