It’s huge! Huge!

One of the things I’ve wanted to do with a game camera is put it outside an active nest that something dug under the new woodshed. I think the something is probably a packrat – packrats usually make big untidy pile nests, but they can dig quite well. In particular I’ve seen plenty of pregnant females tunnel under things. And this is right where I predicted packrat nests would turn up, which is the reason for all that hardware cloth. She can get under the wood piles, but not in them.

So yesterday afternoon I just stood the camera on the ground in front of the nest. I was afraid it might be too close, but that’s why they call it a learning curve.

1626:123017:63F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[128:0129]G[008:0x0006]
For some reason the camera thought I needed nine pictures exactly like that. You can’t quite see the tunnel entrance for the mound in front, but I had hope that the emerging rat would trigger the camera.

And it did, just before daybreak…

0644:123117:18F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[204:0004]G[008:0x0006]

0644:123117:18F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[201:0005]G[008:0x0006]

0644:123117:18F:0000:TUAK1   :3E[202:0005]G[008:0x0006]
So we have scientific proof that the woodshed is being undermined by a large globe of fur.

Pretty clear we need more distance. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and trap that entrance.

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3 Responses to It’s huge! Huge!

  1. ZtZ says:

    Traps!!!! Traps!!!! Yes!!!! Just wear a mask and gloves in case what you had/have is a rat/critter related illness and not flu. Fleas which carry sicknesses can be inside the hole or even outside, waiting for a warm body to wander by. Fleas can jump 50 times their body length if they sense warmth or carbon dioxide. Given your ongoing rodent exposure it could be helpful for you to spend some time on the Internet checking out the symptoms of the various illnesses you might pick up from them. Do you check your body for flea bites?
    BTW do you dust your chickens regularly with flea powder? Wearing a mask, of course. Fleas react to flea powder by jumping off the animal you are dusting and on to you. Just saying.

  2. Dang, Joel-you might need a conibear trap…

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