Big Brother came to visit yesterday!

On a long road trip west. We agreed we should have planned it better and will next time, because while he was willing and indeed looking for an excuse to stay a couple of days, there’s just no project going on right now that works with two people. But I got to meet my new SIL for the first time, a delightful lady I’d heard a great many good things about.

They arrived in what he plainly declared to be the most impractical road trip vehicle commercially available…

A genuine Tesla! This is the first time I ever actually saw one. Pretty little thing but it was kind of the problem, because I gather you can’t just plug one of these things in to charge on house current unless you can stay a month or so. The only place they could overnight that could also accommodate their Tesla is so far away it qualifies as a pretty fair road trip in itself. So they’re back on the road now.

We did have supper in town together, and just for a lark…

…he used the car’s two trunks to help me with concrete for the solar panel rack repair. 🙂

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2 Responses to Big Brother came to visit yesterday!

  1. Mike says:

    The Tesla is a cool ride. Joel, your big bro has excellent taste in autos. The only downside to having one is dealing with the infrastructure as you described in the post.

  2. patrick fowler says:

    My daughter has a Tesla along with a couple dozen solar panels on the roof …car has a 350 mile range…the panels take care of both house and car…excess goes to grid Patrick

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