C-c-cold day for a promised midday chore…

D&L have to spend the day in the big town about 50 miles away for a doctor’s appointment, so something like two weeks ago I promised to take care of their horses while they’re gone. The weather wouldn’t have made any difference in whether I promised to do it because I owe them many obs and anyway they’re neighbors. But wouldn’t you know today had to be high-caliber winter. By the time I got over there in the wind, then gave the horses their pellets and then their hay and then broke up the ice in the troughs and sieved it out of the water and then got the muckwagon and cleaned their stalls and runs, I was kicking myself for not digging out the snowmobile gloves because my fingers really hurt.

But it’s done, and that’s how mutual-aid communities grow strong – they do a lot for me and there’s not a lot I can do for them in return, but they can be confident that when they do need something all they need to do is say so.

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2 Responses to C-c-cold day for a promised midday chore…

  1. terrapod says:

    Ye gods Joel! You should know better than to not have good work gloves on hand of several kinds, wool lined, waterproof, high tension, welding etc. Seems the horse sense quotient needs improvement so email me your new package drop already.

  2. doubletrouble says:

    Yer a good man, Charlie Brown.

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