Care packages!

Consisting almost entirely of food goodies this month…

Big Brother has been rotating his own disaster stores and sending the older stuff my way, which this month consists almost entirely of canned meat. Always welcome, sez I. Plus LB’s tithe, of course.

And Generous Reader CH sent me (and LB) an honest-to-goodness Christmas stocking. I haven’t had the heart to empty it, at least not until I took a photo, but it seems to consist entirely of edible goodies. Oh! Nope, as I sit next to the chair and pull things out I also find an Amazon gift card in there. Settles my mind about whether to make a small purchase I’ve been debating.

Also, I’ve received word that Generous Reader BillF has replaced the tragically-smashed Tablet of Winter. Missed this maildrop delivery so it’ll be two or three more weeks before it gets to the Lair, but that’s what anticipation is for.

And speaking of anticipation, here’s something I’ve been waiting for…

Way back when Big Brother first established his emergency food stores, he made a major investment in Mountain House dehydrated food. One of these cans is at least 37 years old (the date on the case was 12-79) the other may be a few years older, nobody’s sure. BB wants them out of his pantry. If they’re remotely palatable, I want them in mine. But wow. 40 years? Who knows if they’re even worth shipping, right?

Personally I’ve never gotten into Mountain House because it’s expensive and #10 cans aren’t really that suitable for a guy living alone. But that’s not a philosophical objection or anything, and free has a quality all its own.

So! In the very near future expect two blog posts on the opening and at least attempted consumption of superannuated Mountain House dehydrated food. (hee hee) I’m hoping for the sort of post that gets search result hits for years.

Thanks, guys!

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5 Responses to Care packages!

  1. Ann says:

    Check the Clif bars. Recent recall

  2. Robert says:

    Looking forward to a report. Not from a hospital, though.
    I trust the stain is from something external to the can…

    Try 17-year-old MREs for a treat. Avoid the chiclets.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    I sense that LB may be wanting “a breath of fresh air in the evening” again shortly after you consume those well-aged Mountain House foodstuffs…

  4. Claire says:

    Yeah, those ancient MH cans will be an interesting experiment. Especially with both of them containing actual meat.

    OTOH, despite all the warnings and expiration dates, the brave and curious have found canned foods more than 100 years old in edible condition.

    I suggest (not that you need the suggestion!) that if the contents look and smell okay, you sample a small quantity first. If you survive, enjoy. :-) I’m guessing Ian’s freezer will come in handy for saving any leftovers.

    You’ve got a nice big brother! And what a neat gift from CH, too. And from Bill. People are good.

  5. Flatbilly says:

    Had some Korean war vintage rations at hunting camp in 1989. Hope your experience is better. The crackers got thrown in the fire and could still be identified in the morning.

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