Care packages!

Landlady came up this weekend with some unexpected care packages. Thanks, guys!

Check out Joel’s new duds! A brand-new waterproof ATV suit, and though I confess at the time I wondered when I’d ever get to use it since I usually just stay indoors when it rains, this very morning I got my chance to break the jacket in proper as it has rained pretty much constantly today and LB and I had to get Landlady and Dharma to their car out at the county road. So, good timing, and thanks!

The same package contained a whole bunch of 12v CFL bulbs, which are not available locally…

And some other goodies including good tea I’m looking forward to trying.

Tools and parts!

A bunch of recip saw blades, always welcome. I go through several of these a year lately, and they’re not free. A spare valve for my inevitable next toilet failure, thanks to the very hard well water. A couple of bottles of CLR, which I really use vinegar but who knows what the future will bring. A robot-themed pillow case, because I don’t know why. And a trick little waterproof keychain flashlight I think I’m going to put in the Jeep.

And Big Brother laid a care package upon me…

Canned meat and veggies, snackies, leather bones, books! And a not-yet-sterile empty peanut butter jar, whose condition LB has since fixed.

Thanks, guys! I appreciate it.

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2 Responses to Care packages!

  1. taminator013 says:

    I was hoping that the rain suit would fit. I figured maybe you could stash it in the Jeep and use it if you got caught out in an unexpected storm or something………..

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Care package reports are such fun! Who thinks of all that stuff?

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