Raining cats and anvils at present…

Which is bad because mud, but good because it so promptly gives me a chance to try out my new waterproof.

It's a waterproof geezer!
Which brings me to the subject of care packages, of which there were some this weekend. But we’ll get to that later, those are time-consuming and I have to go taxi Landlady and Dharma out to the county road in half an hour or so. Be back.

But before I go, a quick anecdote…

Landlady and I enjoy going through the care packages together on Saturday morning after she arrives, it’s gotten to be a regular thing. And when I cut open Big Brother’s monthly package yesterday she was the first to notice that it contained a mostly-empty peanut butter jar.

BB’s care packages can be quirky – one contained a Koran – but this looked more like a messy accident. Still there was no mess, and so I was a little perplexed until I opened the accompanying letter…

…I may have forgotten to put LB’s leather bones in the last package. The enclosed empty peanut butter jar is my attempt to not only make amends to him, but hopefully to restore LB’s faith in the human race (which probably never was that great anyhow.)

LB says BB is forgiven…


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