Care Packages!

Haven’t done this in a while. 🙂 Can’t really solicit reader contributions since I lost my remote maildrop, but happily a 14-year-old blog does have a bunch of longtime Generous Readers I don’t mind giving my local address. Anyway, I went to the post office expecting two boxes and found five!

Got this for myself: The cable for getting 12 volts out of a Honda generator. I doubt it’ll work better on my battery bank than the Battery Minder did, but we’re going to find out before spending bux on a big charger. If nothing else it’ll work great on the Jeep.

But also, gifts!

A bunch of bullets and brass for the .44!

A new trail camera to replace the one that got stolen last year – won’t be leaving it at the watering station anymore – and a hard drive with literally thousands of old movies! All from the forties through the early sixties, looks like, mostly titles I never heard of but there’s a bunch of old war movies and a whole folder of the cheezy fifties sci fi flicks I’ve always loved. So much for my reading festival.

And from Big Brother, who’s always concerned I’m going to starve…

…his monthly care package of canned meat, and a bonus…

…a bunch of Spam from his hurricane stash! And just when I’d started eating it for breakfast again, too. Timing!

Thanks, guys. You rock.

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2 Responses to Care Packages!

  1. Ben says:

    From vague years-ago memory, that cable will only give you an amp or two, but there is nothing stopping you from using that Plus the Battery Minder. More juice is more juice.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    A goat motiviational device is waiting for you at the Post Office. Hope it works well.
    The online reviews are good. Just a reminder – do not aim for the head. The intent is to encourage the goat to relocate. NOT to blind it.

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